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HP Laptop Wireless Capability Is Turned Off

Among all the brands of laptops out in the market, HP laptops are considered as the most excellent laptop. Many users choose HP laptops for the better durability and user-friendly features that they come with. Despite all these features and facilities, there is some problem which may irritate you. HP laptop wireless capability is turned off is one such issue you may encounter.

If you are also facing this kind of problem on your laptop and want to know the solution. Then, go through the whole article to know more about the topic. In any case, you need some extra assistance, then you can directly connect with the Oniton Support experts.

Why HP Laptop Wireless Capability is Turned Off?

Before going to the solution part, it is good to know the reasons behind the issue. HP laptop wireless capability is turned off the problem is the most common problem among HP laptop users. This problem mainly occurs due to the problem with the WiFi network. For this problem, you can’t access anything on your laptop. There are many other reasons for which this problem may arise in your laptop such as:

  • If the internet connection is poor and dropped frequently.
  • Sometimes the outdated WiFi driver may cause this problem.

These are some probable reasons behind this HP laptop wireless capability is turned off the problem. Now, if you don’t count yourself as tech-savvy and can’t fix this problem, go through the next part of the article. Furthermore, if you want some extra solution then you can contact the Oniton Support experts.

How to Fix HP Laptop Wireless Capability is Turned Off?

After knowing the reasons behind the HP laptop wireless capability is turned off the problem. Now, let us see the solution part to fix the error. There are many ways to do so; here we are going to describe some easy solutions.

Check the Internet Connection

Wireless connectivity mainly depends on the internet connection. A sluggish internet connection might create this problem in your system. So, before doing anything check your internet connection of the WiFi.

WiFi Driver Update

WiFi driver is the most important thing in the wireless connection problem. If the driver in your system is out of date to its latest version, try installing the latest version. To do that follow these steps:

  • First, open the Control Panel and navigate to Device Manager.
  • Then find the WiFi driver option and right-click on it and click on the Update Driver option.
  • Thereafter, it will automatically search for the perfect update for your system and click on that driver option which suits your system.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver

Sometimes the damage and corrupted drivers may affect the wireless connection. So, uninstalling the damaged driver is the best solution. Go to Control Panel and open the Device Manager, then find that particular driver which is creating this problem. Then, right-click on that driver and uninstall the driver. After that, open the device driver website and download the updated driver and install it in your system.

Restart your System

Restating the system is the most common hack to solve any problem of HP laptop. This HP laptop wireless capability is turned off can also be fixed by restarting the system. Turn off your system and wait for some time. After 5 minutes turn it on and check the issue.

Run the Troubleshoot Tool

Connect your system to a WiFi network, and if you face this problem, it might be a problem in the internal device. To find that particular device Windows troubleshooting tool is handy. From Control Panel you can find the Troubleshoot tool. Run it in Administration mode and it will find out that specific problem. After that click on the Fix button to fix that issue.

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