HP Laptop HDMI Port not Working: Get Some Easy Fixes

Fix HP Laptop HDMI Port Not Working

HP laptops are known as the most advanced and user-friendly laptops in the world. Many users preferred to use HP laptops for their durability and longtime service. Despite all of this, there are many technical glitches that often create many problems in your system. HP laptop HDMI port not working problem is one of them. This kind of problem arises when your device refuses to identify the HDMI cable.

However, you are not alone who is facing this HP laptop HDMI port not working Windows 10 problem. There are many users who are dealing with this. Don’t worry, if you are not aware of how to fix this problem. We are going to help you to overcome this problem at Oniton Support. In case you are not getting sufficient solutions then also you can call the Oniton Support experts to get some more solutions.

HDMI Port not Working HP Laptop: Reasons Behind the Issue

It’s always better to know the reasons behind your issue. If you are aware of the reasons then you can fix the HP laptop HDMI port not working issue on your own. There are many reasons for which this problem arises in your system. The most common reason is that if you connect two and more monitors together in a single system.

However, there are some other reasons which create this HP laptop port not working issue.

  • If you use any damaged HDMI cable you can face issues in your system.
  • Sometimes the outdated drivers in your system can cause this problem.
  • The damaged system files also create this kind of problem.

If you want to know the quick fixes to this problem, you can follow the article to fix it on your own. After that, if you are still facing the HP laptop HDMI port not working issue, don’t worry. Oniton Support experts are there to help you out with the problem.

HP Laptop HDMI Port not Working: Troubleshoot the Error

HP laptop HDMI port not working problem may create different issues in your system. That’s why it is better to fix it straight away. Have a look at some of the effective hacks.

Fix your System Display

HP laptop HDMI port not working problem may occur if you are using multiple monitors in your system. If multiple monitors are connected in a single system then there may be some display issue. First of all, check whether there is any problem with the display. Click the Windows logo key and P together and you can see many options related to display. Now, try each display options which fits the compatibility. After that, you can see images and videos on your screen connected via HDMI.

Reinstall the Driver

Sometimes the HDMI port of the HP laptop doesn’t work due to a problem in the graphics driver of the system. If there is a faulty graphics driver in your system, then uninstall the driver from your system and download the new latest version of that driver. After that install it again on your laptop and check whether the HDMI port is working or not.

Reconnect the Devices

Sometimes reconnecting your devices may be an effective solution to this HDMI problem. At first, disconnect all the HDMI plugs from your device and wait for 5 minutes. After that connect all the plugs in your system and start your device. Now, examine whether the issue persists or not.

If your HDMI connection is still not working, then you can avail the Oniton Support experts for further assistance. They will surely assist you to fix the HP laptop HDMI port not working issue.

Reach Oniton Support for Extended Support

For some reason, if you are still struggling with the HP laptop HDMI port not working issue, then you need professional assistance. Our Oniton Support experts are always there for you to help you out of this defect. You can directly connect with them to avail their services. They have many years of experience to solve this kind of errors. However, we have many facilities which make the Oniton Support unique from the other service providers.

On-Time Service

Once you share your problem with us, the Oniton Support technicians go through that problem and will provide you with prompt service. We will never keep you in a queue to get our service. Moreover, we always try to resolve your issues beforehand.

Experienced Technicians

Support Numbers technicians have a vast amount of knowledge in this domain. They are well trained to solve any kind of issue related to HP laptops. Whatever the problem you are facing they can easily fix those problems.

24*7 Active Helpdesk

The Oniton Support helpdesk is always active throughout the day. You can connect with us in many ways. You can directly call our experts via Oniton Support helpline number. Or you can email us at our official email address to avail of our service. Furthermore, you can also use the online chat option to discuss your problem with the Oniton Support Executives.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on This Topic:

How do I enable the HDMI port on my HP laptop?

Click on the ‘Volume’ icon in the Windows workbook with the right-click, select ‘Sounds.’ Select the ‘Record’ tab. 
To turn audio and video features on the HDMI port, click the “HDMI Digital Output Device” option and click the “APPLY” button.

Why is my HDMI port not working on my HP laptop?

If your HDMI connection doesn’t work, your HDMI port, cable or device may be hardware trouble.

What happens when HDMI port goes bad?

These cables are the overlooked heroes of the house theatre system due to their rich sound and beautiful images. 
However, if an HDMI cable goes wrong, it can stop or blurry your whole home theatre system
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