Reliable Methods To Fix Error 0x80070776 during Windows Update Instantly

Error 0x80070776

Sometimes Windows develops a lot of problems. And one of the common problems is the error 0x80070776 that is frequently encountered by Windows users. This error comes up while trying to update the Windows Operating System.

Generally, this error shows up if the Windows system file is damaged or corrupted. Sometimes, the third-party antivirus software might also interfere with the Windows update. Turning on the Windows Defender firewall and malware infection can also cause this error.

Hence, if you are also facing this problem on your Windows system for the first time, then it is a quite tough task for you to resolve this issue on your own. Here, in this content, we are going to discuss all the possible resolving methods for this particular error.

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Effective Tricks to Resolve Error 0x80070776:

In this section, we have listed some methods that will surely help you to fix error 0x80070776 on your Windows system. Follow the undermentioned methods and try to fix this error as soon as possible.

Method 1 – Turn off the Windows Defender Firewall

Sometimes, this issue occurs if the Windows Defender Firewall is enabled. So, you have to turn it off from the system. To disable it follow the instructions cited below:

  1. Firstly, open the Control panel window and then double-click on the Windows Firewall section.
  2. In the Windows Firewall section, select the Turn Windows Firewall On or Off button on the left-side panel.
  3. On the right-side window, click on the Turn Off Windows Firewall button from the both Public Network Settings and Private Network Settings box.
  4. After that, click on the OK button to save it. Once you are done, try to update the system and then check if the error still occurs or not.

Method 2 – Remove the Security Software

If any security software is installed on your PC then you may encounter this error code. Sometimes, this software can prevent the Windows system from the update. Before starting the update process, you must remove the third-party antivirus from your computer. To uninstall it follow the steps:

  1. At first, press the Windows button and along with the X, the key to launch the WinX menu list and then choose the Control Panel from that list.
  2. From the Control Panel window, find the Programs and Features section, double-click on it.
  3. Under the Program and Features section, find the Third Party antivirus application that you are using at this moment and then select the Uninstall button.
  4. After completing the removing process, restart the system and then try to update the Windows system.  

Method 3 – Perform the System File Checker (SFC) Tool

You need to run a full scan with the System File Checker tool. It is an inbuilt tool of Windows. By running this tool you can get fixed error 0x80070776. Hence, follow the steps instructed below:

  1. First of all, right-click on the Windows logo which is present at the bottom left corner to open the WinX menu list. Then select the Command Prompt (Admin) application.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type “SFC /scannow” and then press the Enter button from the keyboard to run this command.
  3. It will take some time to complete this process. Once the scanning process is done, reboot your computer and check if the error still shows up or not.

Method 4 – Reset the PC

Resetting the PC can fix the error that you have encountered on your computer. So, if you do not know how can you rest the PC then buy generic viagra 25 mg follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From the keyboard, hold down the Windows button and I key to launch the Settings window.
  2. From the Settings application window, double-click on the Update and Security section.
  3. When the Update and Security window opens, go to the left-side panel and select the Recovery tab.
  4. After that, locate the Reset this PC and then click on the Get Started button. In the next window, you can see Choose an Options section will display. Choose any one option that you want and then click on the Reset option to start the process.
  5. Once the process is finished, reboot your computer.

Method 5 – Uninstall the Update

This is another method that you can use on your computer to get rid of this error. To uninstall the update follow the directions which are instructed hereunder:

  1. Press the Win + X key together and then select the Settings application from that list.
  2. Double-click on the Update and Security section from the Settings window. Then click on the Windows Update tab on the left side panel.
  3. In that tab, select the Advanced Options button and then click on the View your update history option. After that, select the Uninstall Update button.
  4. Now you can see the system will show up the list of updates. Choose the updates that you want to delete from your PC and then click on the Uninstall option.

Method 6 – By Using Windows PowerShell to Install and Register Default Windows 10 Applications

If the above-mentioned methods do not work out then you should use this method to eliminate the error 0x80070776 from the system. By using PowerShell you can easily register and install the default Windows 10 application. To perform this method follow the steps:

  1. Open the Search box, type PowerShell and then right-click on it to open the list. Then choose the Run as Administrator button.
  2. When the PowerShell window opens, type the following commands and then hit the Enter key.

                                   Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage     -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\\AppXManifest.xml”}

  1. Once the task is finished, reboot the Windows system and then check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Method  7 – Restart the Windows Update Service

By restarting the Windows Update services you can fix this problem on the system easily. If the Windows update service is stopped working then you might encounter this error on your PC. So, you need to restart this service. Go through the directions highlighted below:

  1. Press the Windows key and at the same time press the R key to open the Run box. Type services.msc and then hit the Enter button or select the OK option.
  2. When the Services window opens, scroll down the page and find the Windows Update service, right-click on it. Select the Stop button to stop the service.
  3. After that, again right-click on the  Windows Update service and then select the Start button to restart the service.
  4. After restarting this, try to update the Windows system.

In the above section, we have shared some of the effective methods to eliminate the error 0x80070776 on the system. We hope, with the help of the above-described methods, you will be able to fix this problem at the earliest. Perform these methods one by one and see which is best for you. In the future, if you face this error ever then you can talk to a professional for better assistance.

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