Easy Troubleshooting Ways To Resolve Epson Projector Overheating Issue

Epson projector overheating is one of the most common issues that is often faced by a number of users after using the projector for a long time. If this particular problem gets fixed at the primary stage, then it would not lead to any other problems as well. This issue generally occurs when you are watching videos or playing games for a long time.

When you are using a device for a long time, then it tends to get heated as well. This is the primary reason behind the issue. Apart from that, incorrect power supply, wrong ventilation system, improper air movement, uncleaned projector fans are also equally responsible for this problem with your Epson projector.

If you are also experiencing the same, then read this entire guide thoroughly and implement the steps carefully. Here, we are going to discuss the most prominent and effective solutions that will be helpful for you.

Get Fixed Epson Projector Overheating Issue by Applying These Troubleshooting Methods:

Go through the below-mentioned methods to get rid of Epson projector overheating issue. If proper action is not taken, then your device may get damaged severely too.

Remove the Bulb

First, you have to unfasten the screw from the lid to open it. Now, take out the bulb and separate the cover as well. Then, hold the wire folder and revolve it.  Now, remove it from your Epson projector. Pull and lift the bulb carefully from the socket and place it in the cover.

But remember that you have to maintain some safety precautions while you are removing the bulb. Remove the bulb when the projector completely cools down and all the wires are plugged out from the projector. Also, be sure while you are touching the lenses, there is no oil in your finger, otherwise it may create other issues as well.

Adjust the Room Temperature

If you are using the projector in a room where the temperature is quite high, then it can also be responsible for this problem. For this reason, adjusting the heat of the room is very necessary.

So, you have to always keep the room cool. By doing this, the chances of getting Epson projector overheating will be reduced.

Remove the Exhaust Blower

In case, the first two methods failed to fix the issue, then follow this one. You need to remove the exhaust blower for solving this issue. To do so, at first, you have to remove the primary blower by zipping the tie very carefully. Now, open the plastic clips from the tie and also remove the screws that are located at the front of the blower. After that, you have to pull down the brackets and separate the blower from the projector.

Now. take a clean cotton swab and clean the projector properly. It is highly recommended not to use extra force while you are cleaning the inside of the projector. At the final step, place the blower in the projector, in the same manner, you have removed it. Now, use it and check if the heating issue is still appearing or not.

Overheating of the projector may lead to several issues as well. It makes the users puzzled and hamper their works too. Hence, you have to keep the room temperature cool to keep your projector a workable one. Sometimes, the overheating also results in unwanted shut down of your device as well.

We hope that by executing the above methods, you can completely resolve this issue. This entire article is written for the non-tech savvy who are suffering from the same problem so that they can easily resolve this issue on their own. Thus, if you have any other queries, then leave your comment in the comment section below.

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