Facing Epson Printer Paper Jam Issues? Here Are the Solutions

Paper jamming issues in the Epson printers are quite common. Quite a few Epson printer users have complained that they face paper jamming issues especially when it comes to laser printers. Here in this article, we will discuss the Epson printer paper jam and how you can fix them.

Printer issues are generally hardware based and if you are facing such an issue, it will be best to contact technicians who will be able to fix this problem effectively. Don’t worry about that, as the technicians of Oniton Support are here to help you.

Brief Discussion Regarding Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue

If you are facing frequent paper jams in your printer, check the type of paper you’re using. If it is heavier or lighter than what the manufacturer has specified. You might have to find a different type of paper. Or if you are using regular copier paper but get a lot of paper jams, make sure that the pages have no wrinkles and they are placed on the paper tray properly.

Open up the printer, and check for pieces of paper obstructing any sensor of the carriage mechanism. If you still have the same issue after this, then it is the time to call in technical experts. They will assist you to fix the Epson printer paper jam issue right away.

Best Fixes for Your Epson Printer Paper Jam

There are three methods that you can apply to solve the problems.

These methods are as follows:

  • Removing jammed paper from inside the printer – Paper jam
  • Removing jammed paper from inside the printer – General error
  • And Removing jammed paper from the Automatic Document Feeder

Method 1: Removing Jammed Paper from Inside the Printer

In this method, you need to exit the current job and raise the scanner lid of your printer. Check for any paper inside, including the torn pieces that may have been present inside the printer. Also, make sure that there are no jammed pieces remaining near the output tray of your printer. Next, close the lid of your scanner and also the output tray.

Then, pull out the rear unit of the Epson printer and remove the jammed paper carefully. Double check the printer and make sure that you do not have any paper left inside the rear side of the printer. After that, reattach the rear unit back with the printer. Hit the Start button now and clear the message.

Next, pull out the paper tray from your printer and remove the jammed paper if any present. Align the paper in the tray carefully and take out any torn paper from inside the printer. Insert the paper tray back into its place and press the Start button once again. Wait for a while and then turn off the printer. Unplug the power adapter of the printer and unplug all the cables from it.

Remove the papers and put it back into the paper tray. Insert the paper tray back and plug in the power cords and the adapter into the socket. Turn on the printer, your issue will get eliminated.

Method 2: Removing Jammed Paper from Inside the Printer

This is a general error and so you need to just open the scanner lid and take out the torn bits of paper from there. Next, close the scanner lid and restart your printer. This few steps will be enough to help you sort out your paper jamming issues. However, if you are not able to fix your problem and it persists, then take assistance from our world-class technical team.

Method 3: Removing Jammed Paper from the Automatic Document Feeder

Before removing any paper from the Automatic Document Feeder make sure that the ADF cover is open. Then, take out the stack of paper from the feeder. Remove the jammed paper and close the ADF cover. After that, open the feeder and again remove the torn bits of paper from there. Next, you need to open the scanner lid and remove the papers if there is present any. Close the lid and turn on your printer.

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