How to Resolve the Epson Printer Communication Error?

Epson Printer Communication Error

Epson is one of the popular names for printers. These devices combine high-end technology with a cost-effective price. Since its inception, Epson maintained the quality of its printers. Despite advanced features communication error is a very common problem for the Epson printers. As we all can understand from the name ‘communication,’ that it can appear due to loss of connection. This error is also known as Epson printer error 9923. So, here in this article, we are going to discuss some easy methods to fix this Epson Printer Communication Error.

Also, our Oniton Support team is always available to help you out with the accurate solution. However, before moving on to the solutions, we need to comprehend the causes of this issue. Hence, we suggest you go through the causes of the Epson printer error listed below.

Epson Printer Communication Error: Probable Reasons

There might be something wrong for which the fault is arising. So, first, we should figure out the reasons for this error. They are:

  • Power cord of the printer may not be correctly plugged in.
  • Possibly your PC is facing some problems while connecting it to the printer.
  • Another reason can be a broken printer.
  • You may face the same error if the application software is corrupted.
  • Also, the error may occur if your PC lacks memory to deal with the volume of your data.

You can encounter the error from any one of the reasons listed above. So, to dissolve the problem, let’s follow the steps mentioned in this article.

How to Fix a Communication Error on Epson Printer? Easy Hacks

Though there can be several methods to resolve your Epson printer communication issue, we are pointing out some of the most accurate ones to get rid of the error shortly. Hence, we recommend you to check out the methods provided below.

1) Restart your System

It is the primary method to resolve Epson Printer Communication Error. First, you need to turn off your computer as well as the printer. Remove the USB cables. Now, wait for a few minutes and then turn on your computer. Again connect the USB cables to the computer. See whether it is working or not. If not, then follow the next step.

2) Update your Windows Operating System

This is one of the most important reasons for which you can encounter this error. Communication problem may arise if your Windows Operating System is obsolete.  So, if you are still wondering to how to fix a communication error on Epson Printer, think not. You need to update your Windows Operating System to the latest version to avoid such an error. To upgrade your OS, you can follow the guideline below.

  • At first, open your PC and click on the Start button.
  • Search for Windows Update in the box which is displaying on the screen.
  • If you get that, click on ‘Windows Update.’
  • If it is updated, then login to ‘Admin User’s Profile.’

3) Other Solutions

There are some other methods as well to resolve Epson Printer Communication Error.

  • Check out the connection of the scanner of the printer if you have changed the scanner settings.
  • Now, you need to set up the scanner and connect the USB to the device correctly.
  • Recheck the power buttons, wires, USB and the other connections.
  • You should attach the Epson printer only through a USB cable.
  • Also, you can reset the printer system to get rid of the problem.

We hope that the communication error in Epson printer is fixed after trying the above methods. If you are still facing the same problem, we suggest you contact our support team at Oniton Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why does my Epson printer Keep say communication error?

You may not connect your computer to the printer correctly. 
Check both ends of the printer-computer cable interface. 
The right interface cable may not be used. 
Use revision 1.1 or 2.0 cable when using the USB interface.

How do I clear an Epson printer error?

To throw the jammed paper, press the paper button. 
If the error is not clear, open the printer cover and delete any torn parts from the inside of the paper. 
Remove the paper into the sheet feeder then press and resume the printing by pressing the paper button. The cartouche ink is almost empty.

How do I reset my Epson printer?

Turn off printer. Turn off printer. Click the reset button on the printer’s back and hold it. Turn the printer on when the reset button is holding. Wait for a message to show that the printer resets.

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