Resolve Dell Laptop Speaker Crackling with the Experts

Dell is a computer technology company which produces PCs, laptops and IT peripherals across the world. Generally, Dell laptops are well built and last long. However, there are some reports of Dell laptop speaker crackling which is creating distorted sound while playing audio. Users complain the inbuilt speaker frequently crackles even on low to medium volume. This issue is creating a huge problem for users as they are unable to enjoy any multimedia content on the laptop. You can resolve this problem by your own by following the solutions given below.

If you are not a tech-savvy person and still facing this issue, the do not worry. Oniton Support has a team of expert engineers who deal with Dell laptops regularly. We can easily fix speaker crackling on Dell laptop within an hour. But before proceeding further, let us examine why speaker crackling happens.

The Reasons Behind Laptop Speaker Crackling

Since the days of large desktop computers, laptops have come a long way in terms of size and portability. Specifically, Dell laptops are quite compact with a multitude of hardware components embedded into a tiny space. A lot many ICs are installed on the motherboard including Audio IC.

There are high chances Dell laptop speaker crackling can cause due to Audio IC malfunction. The Audio IC is responsible for demodulating the audio bits to the speaker. The integrated chip might have gone through wear and tear which results in speaker crackling.

Besides hardware, software bugs can also trigger audio related issues in Dell laptop. The driver is responsible for interaction between hardware and the OS. If there are issues with driver misconfiguration then audio will not function properly and may result into speaker crackling laptop.

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Speaker Crackling

If you are looking for ways to resolve the problem on your own then you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of the quick hacks by which you can get rid of the issue quite easily.

Remove Dust and Other Particles from the Speaker

At first, make sure the speaker is not obstructed by anything. Generally, the speaker is located at the bottom. There are high chances that dust accumulates around the speaker grills. So try to clean the speaker with a brush gently. Make sure you are not pushing hard as laptop speakers are quite fragile and can easily break. On a side note, always keep laptops away from dust and liquid for additional protection.

Select Correct Audio Source

Secondly, to fix Dell laptop speaker crackling, check whether the Operating System has selected the correct audio source. The OS has native support for multiple audio sources, and sometimes it chooses the wrong audio channel resulting in speaker crackling. To check the audio source, open “Control Panel” and go to “Sounds” option. Thereafter, click on “Audio” and it will enlist all the audio devices connected to your laptop. Here, choose “Default Speakers” and click on save changes.

Check Audio Driver

Now we will sort out Driver incompatibility to fix laptop speaker crackling. Drivers are the most important part of the operating system which lets the hardware to connect with the OS. It is important to have a correct driver installed for the specific audio device. Drivers are not generic software which can be installed on any laptop, it is specifically built for each hardware device.

Update Audio Driver

To update drivers, right-click on “Start” menu and select the “Device Manager” option. A new window will open with the list of all hardware devices. Here, look for “Sound” as we have to update the audio driver first. Click on it and the list will expand further. Now, right-click on “High Definition Audio” and select the “Update Driver” option.

Follow the onscreen instruction and select install automatically. It will download the specific driver from the internet and subsequently install it. After that, exit the window and restart the computer. Now check whether Dell laptop speaker crackling has been resolved.

Solutions for Dell Laptop Speaker Crackling Issue

We are a team of professional engineers who can fix just about any issue of Dell laptops. The team at Oniton Support has been resolving sound crackling issues in the past reliably. We deeply care about customers and our main goal is to provide 100% satisfaction through our services.

All-around Engineers

The engineers at Oniton Support is proficient with both hardware and software. Dell laptop speaker crackling may be a hardware problem, which requires skillful maneuver when dealing with tiny silicon components. We can fix the Audio IC without damaging other components. Since engineers have access to state of the art lab where we carry the repair process at the microscopic level. You never have to worry about service quality as we ourselves keep the standard high.

Time-bound Service

Oniton Support believes in providing quick and reliable service almost instantly. We consistently rank high among the service providers for dispensing instant service within the estimated time. Not only this, the technicians continue to provide service par excellence without losing any minute. This is possible because of dedicated engineers who are always ready to help.

Minimum Cost

We charge minimum service cost so that users can easily afford the services. It’s essential to note that Oniton Support puts huge effort to minimize cost. There is a service model in place which enables us to work in an optimum way of reducing the cost drastically. We assure you, the cost will be within the budget keeping your expenses in mind.

Connect with Oniton Support Straightaway

There are several channels you can choose to connect with us. Call the helpline number at Oniton Support and get some easy fix immediately. Other than this, you can chat with the expert team using the Live Chat Portal and schedule an appointment according to your preference. Besides, you can email us at Oniton Support as well.

All the channels are always open, so do not wait and call us right away. If you are still in two minds, do not hesitate and get support at your doorstep. We assure you, the service we provide will exceed your expectation.

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