Know How To Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

Recently many users are complaining that their computer is not recognizing iPhone. This kind of issue is not prevalent as iPhone is a top-class smartphone and it’s been created in such a way that no petty issues can affect the device. But unfortunately, user are witnessing such issue, and they don’t know how to fix computer not recognizing iPhone.


As stated by many users the problems are usually occurring when they are trying to sync iPhone to the system. The system cannot recognize users iPhone and they are unable to do their desired work. If you are one of them who are getting the same issue, then learn how to resolve this computer won’t recognize iPhone issue.

Verify Why Your Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

There are could be several reasons for iPhone not recognize by the system. As you know, Apple devices is a closed based platform for that you may face trouble while trying to operate in Windows system. So this can be the main issue due to which many users can encounter such pc not recognizing iPhone problems.


But it doesn’t mean that your machine will not sync with Apple devices. With the help of a few simple hack user can easily overcome from this situation and can sync their iPhone devices with ease. So to resolve the error, you should learn how to fix computer not recognizing iPhone.

Simple Tips to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

If your system is unable to detect the iPhone, then it is important to fix the issue as quick as possible. But if you are a Windows user then make sure that you signed as an Administrator account. Thus here is the list of few easy solutions that you can implement if your PC is not recognizing the iPhone. Hence go through the options carefully.

Try Basic Techniques To Resolve the Issue

  • It can be solved by simply Restarting the machine and the iPhone. Thus disconnect your iPhone from the PC. Then restart your both Apple device and computer. After that, see the problem persists, by reconnecting the iPhone to your system.
  • If the computer cannot recognize your iPhone, then try checking your USB port as well. Because USB cable can also be responsible for triggering such issues. In this case, try to use a separate USB cable to do the syncing process. See that if it works.
  • When you are attempting to sync your Apple device with your PC you may encounter error message on your Apple device. Thus check your iPhone and always choose Trust whenever you’ll get this notification. After completion of this process, check if the error is has gone or not. If you are still witnessing the problem then jump on to the next step.

Resolve The Issue By Updating iPhone

First, connect your Apple device to your computer. Type Device Manager in the search toolbox at your bottom left of the screen. Now open the Device Manager and select Universal Serial Bus Controllers.


Open the USB Bus controller. You will notice the Device USB Driver. Next Double-click it to open Properties and then select the Driver tab to Uninstall the same. Once done, disconnect the Apple device and reconnect it again to check whether the issue is appearing or not.

Check the Software Of Apple Devices And Your Computer

If the iPhone and computer software are not up to date, then you may face this issue too. Hence user needs to check the iOS version in their iPhone and also investigate the OS on their system. To verify the software for your Apple device, go to the Settings of the device.


Next tap General Software Update. Search for any recent updates. After finding the option, then select Download and update it by installing the new iOS version on your phone.


After upgrading your iPhone user need to update Windows OS for their system. So to update your Windows OS hit the Start button and then click settings. Now after opening the settings, Windows go to the Update and Security option then select check for updates. If you find any available updates, then click to download and then install it. Once the process is over it is time to verify if your computer is detecting the Apple device or not.


Troubleshoot The Issue By Resetting The Privacy And Location On Your Apple Device. As mentioned above when you are trying to sync your iPhone to the PC, the user needs to trust the system. If you forgot to do so, then disconnect your device and plug it after some time.


After that, if you are not getting the window to trust your system then reboot the location and privacy settings on your Apple device. You need to reset your system. To reset your device click settings, go to General and reset the Location and Privacy settings.

Reboot Your iPhone

After performing all the necessary steps as mentioned above if the issue still exists then it better restore your Apple device. Before starting the process try to store all the files or create a backup otherwise all essential data will get erased. To reset the IOS device connect with your computer and open iTunes. Next, select your device and initiate the restoring process by clicking Restore iPhone.

To Wind Up

These are some vital techniques that you need to follow if your computer won’t recognize your iPhone. Go through the steps carefully and perform the necessary task and fix the issue by yourself. And we assure you that you will not encounter this problem in the future.

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