Fix Common MacBook Errors Proficiently By Yourself

Overheated Device

Few things can be more annoying than a slow laptop, and it directly influences your productivity. Laptops are delicate, so you need to handle them wisely. Thankfully, some of the common laptop problems and the ways to fix them are possible by yourself. The DIY procedures will prevent you from spending hugely on repair costs.

Let’s have a look at some of the common laptop problems and the workaround methods. 

Black Screen 

If your Mac’s display turns black (sometimes grey or blue) once or twice during startup, there’s nothing to worry about as it’s normal. But if the blank screen flickers continuously or your Mac seems to be stuck on the blank screen, use Disk Utility to resolve the issue. 

Try to run your Mac in macOS Recovery mode and if you can successfully do this, navigate to Disk Utility under the Utility window. Use Disk Utility to repair the startup disk and if it finds no error, try to reinstall macOS. 

No Connectivity 

If you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi, you should analyze your wireless environment to check the wi-fi issues on Mac. Quit all the open apps and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Click on Open Wireless Diagnostics from the Wi-Fi status menu. 

Provide administrator name and password credentials when prompted. The system will run Wireless Diagnostics to check the Wi-Fi environment. Select Monitor my Wi-Fi connections and click Continue. The system will then display the diagnostics report, and you can fix it accordingly. 

Weird Noise

If you are a long-time MacBook user, you must be by now aware of the loud, weird noise coming out of your laptop. It’s your laptop’s fan that’s creating the sound, and this can be due to the device overheating. 

Put a cooling pad beneath your laptop so that there is consistent airflow in and around the laptop. If your device is making noise even after putting on a cooling pad, then there might be a problem with the hard drive. 

Keyboard Malfunctioning

Keyboard Malfunctioning

This is rare, but if your keyboard stops functioning, you might not be able to work on your computer, which can cause delays. You are not able to submit your project on time if your keyboard stops delivering the right output. 

Try to connect your keyboard to another port to see if it works properly. Alternatively, update system-specific drivers or verify your system settings. If you have a BlueTooth keyboard, turn off the BlueTooth and then turn on and connect the keyboard again to check if it starts to work as desired. 

Sudden Shutdown

If your computer shuts down abruptly, there can be multiple reasons behind it that include hardware malfunctioning, software error, overheating, or incorrect permissions. Updating software or fixing overheating issues can fix the problem at no extra cost. 

Run hardware diagnostics to identify if any of the hardware components is error-prone and is not working appropriately. Replacing the hardware can cost you extra bucks, so first try to check the actual part that is creating the problem. 

Overheated Device

Overheated Device

Overheating issues are normal and are quite common in laptops, regardless of MacBook, Windows, or a Chromebook. We usually place laptops anywhere as per our convenience, but this blocks the air vents, which heats the device. 

Another common reason behind overheating can be excess use or multiple applications running simultaneously. So, take some time to identify the resource-heavy apps and quit them if they are not in use. 

Fast Battery Drainage

Do you feel that your system is consuming more power than usual, and you keep on charging it constantly every few hours? If this is the case, check the login items as there might be more than a dozen apps starting unnecessarily on every startup instance. 

Also, check if your system is running high-end applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., which might be consuming a lot of CPU resources. Running multiple apps simultaneously can lead to excess battery drainage and system slowdowns. 

Virus Attacks

Have you installed an antivirus application on your system to keep it safe from security threats? If not, install it today from a reliable website and make sure it’s compatible with your system. Scan your computer thoroughly to identify the virus attacks and fix them. 

An antivirus application must be powerful enough to nosedive the attacks even before they enter your device’s ecosystem. Moreover, be extra cautious while downloading apps and ensure to download them from a trusted link. 

Wrapping Up

Laptops need regular optimizations, and periodically checking the device can prevent many problems from hitting your system abruptly. Make sure to backup your data on an external storage device or Cloud before you try any workarounds to fix these issues. 

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