Canon Printer Error Code E15 – Fix it in an Instant

Printers are very useful and when someone looks forward to buying one or many printers, they generally select from among a few brands. Canon is one of them due to the quality and range of their products. Canon printers are well suited for modern day printing requirements. It has in their range laser printers, the inkjet printers, scanners, and offers up to 200 digital devices. However, even though Canon printers provide high-quality products, they do come up with issues from time to time. There are certain common problems like Canon printer error code E15. These errors can disrupt your printing processes and hence slow down your workflow.

In this article, you’ll find the necessary instructions to fix up this error. But in any case, if that was not enough or you just want expert assistance. You can have the servicemen from Oniton Support attend to and resolve your problems.

What is Canon Printer Error Code E15 and How Does it Occur?

E15 is the Canon Pixma error code that appears on the LCD screen when the printer cannot identify the cartridge. There are various reasons for the Canon printer error code E15 to take place. Take a look at these points if you happen to face them.

  • The ink must have run out earlier.
  • The cartridge may not be placed correctly.
  • Excess dirt or ink in the cartridge which prevents the printer to work properly.
  • If a remanufactured or fake copy of cartridge is used, the printer cannot read it.
  • In case, your printer’s driver is obsolete with respect to the version of the printer, you will face this error.
  • The printer connects to the cartridge with the help of a brass ribbon. If this particular ribbon is stained with the black ink, then it will not have a secure connection with the printer. Therefore, You can solve this by cleaning the cartridge and pulling it out from the printer.

Procedures to Resolve the Canon Printer Error Code E15

Canon printer error code E15 is a very common error. When your printer is first installed, the setup must be done in an appropriate manner. There should not be any paper, tissue, wires, tapes blocking the printer from within. Take the cartridge and check the label, assure that it is from an authorized seller or company.

Users who do not use their printers for a very long period of time tend to face more of these issues. The print ink dries up and blocks the cartridge. Moreover, the drivers do not work if the printers are remanufactured.

So, to fix any of that, this is what you have to do.

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Take out the cartridge.
  • Carefully clean the golden chip, this is the main piece of hardware that equips the printer to read the cartridge.
  • Put the cartridge back on your printer.
  • Put the cartridge locking cover until it fits on to the actual place.
  • Finally, turn on the printer by pressing the ‘turn on’ for 5-8 seconds.

In the case of updates and all that, users should ensure that they should never use wrong sites to download their printer drivers. So, Always go for authorized or official websites. These help you to save your computer from any sort of malfunctions too. Do not worry if your printer keeps showing these error codes at home or at the office. You can fix it yourself and save your time.

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If the methods listed here to solve the Canon printer error code E15failed to give you the fix. And you still don’t have your Canon printer working right. Further, if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy person. Whatever it is, you will need an expert to look into your problem and to fix it. In that case, look no further than here.

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