The Complete Solutions to Canon Printer Error B200

If you are possessing a Canon printer, then chances are that you might have come across the Canon Printer Error B200 somewhere. This is an error that has bothered Canon printer users quite often. However, the good thing is that there are steps that you can follow for managing and resolving this error. A straightforward guide for troubleshooting can help the users fix the Error B200. Also, having a clear idea of the root cause of this error message will definitely help in the process. All of that is available in this article. And in case you want to call in tech support for this, you can rely on Oniton Support. With that, your printer issues will be solved in no time whatsoever.

The Causes of Canon Printer Error B200

The Canon Printer B200 Error generally occurs when the diverse formulas of ink are used by the Canon printer. This is when the users refill or replace the OEM cartridge with a cheap printing supply that comes with a questionable build and toner quality.

Therefore, experts are of the view that cartridges available from only the legitimate vendors should be used for refilling. It is also worth noting that Error B200 directly means that the print head temperature or voltage is not normal. It could also mean that the print head might be defective.

Solutions for this Error Message

With proper guidance, resolving Canon Printer Error B20 is not much hard. Here are some effective and useful solutions for Error B200. Give the following methods a try and see if you can fix the problem on your own.

Solution 1

The very first thing that the users need to do is disconnect the power cable from the Canon printer. Post this, the users need to wait for maximum one hour and connect the power cable all over again.

Solution 2

If solution 1 does not solve the Canon Printer Error B200, the next step would be checking and cleaning the head contact pin condition of the carriage unit. It is also important to check the cable connection and this goes especially for the carriage FFC.

Solution 3

Another solution for error code B200 is replacing the ink cartridges if they are empty. For this, the users first need to find out whether the ink cartridges are empty or not. If doubtful, the users need to try a brand new cartridge for fixing Canon Printer Error B200.

Solution 4

Solution 4 involves having a good internet connection along with administrator access to a computer. What the users actually need to do is update the drivers of the printer and the Canon IJ printer utility software.

The steps involve:

  • Clicking on “Start” from the Windows and then clicking on “Devices and Printer”.
  • Now, right click on Canon and then click “Properties”.
  • Next, select the tab called “Maintenance” and then click on “Deep Cleaning”.
  • Now, do a Nozzle Check right from Maintenance tab once profound cleaning is complete.

Solution 5

It is quite possible that the print head of the printer is damaged or is no longer a part of the ink cartridge. Therefore, what you actually need to do is replace the printhead. This might solve the problem.

Solution 6

For solving Error B200, the users have the option of turning off the Canon printer for some time and see if this works. Any Canon printer that is not being regularly used and is showing the Error B200 on user needs to run a test print page.

For the ones who are making the heavy use of their Canon printers, it is necessary that they give their printers some break. This can help by avoiding the saturation of the print head due to excessive heating which will automatically prolong its service life.

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