Quick Hacks to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan at A Pocket-Friendly Rate

Brother is a Japanese company, mainly in the line of producing printers, to enhance your home as well as business work. The printer is reliable in terms of performance. Additionally, along with printing facility, you will also get the option to copy, scan, and fax any document. However, looking at the other side of the coin, every other technology comes along with a glitch. If you are a prolonged user of Brother printer, then probably you may randomly come across Brother printer won’t scan.

We understand the annoyance you need to withstand to resolve the situation, so here we have provided with reliable solutions to help you deal with the issue by yourself . Go through this article, to mitigate the problem all by yourself. If you think, you are not enough acquainted in the technical domain then feel free to connect with the Oniton Support Executives.

Why Brother Printer won’t Scan

Before proceeding to troubleshoot, you must understand why the problem occurs in the first place. Here is a list of the possible essential factors generating Brother printer won’t scan error.

  • The most underlying factor might be, the power button is not functioning correctly. That can be a prime reason behind the printer fails to scan.
  • If the printer is not compatible with your system, then there is a possibility that a real-time error may pop up.
  • The brother printer may fail to scan if there is an unstable network connection.
  • Any kind of corruption either in the printer’s driver or system files can lead to a printer problem.

No matter what are the existing reasons triggering the issue, fortunately, there are always solutions for that as well. Moreover, determining the root cause of any problems, helps you resolves the problem faster.

Quick Fix for Brother Printer Won’t Scan to Computer

Follow the step by step methods mentioned below to fix the Brother printer won’t scan problem at the earliest.

Method 1: Verify the Power Button

First, you need to verify whether the power button is functioning accurately. Note if the LCD shows a blank screen, as it points out either the printer is off or in sleep mode.

To fix the problem, press the power button on the printer and verify whether the printer’s power cable is correctly plugged in. Then check the LCD for any error messages. If you find any error message flashing on the screen, then you need to troubleshoot it anyway. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next workable solution.

Method 2: Check the Connectivity

You can utilize a network scanning tool to configure your Brother printer connectivity. Verify if you are securely connecting the printer from the server computer. Avoid client PC’s and double check the ethernet cables. If you are using a wireless connection, note if the router is functioning correctly. This method may resolve the Brother printer won’t scan problem.

Method 3: Check if Printer is Able to Print

To start with, you need to navigate to the Printer Properties. Locate the options on how to operate the printer, and select the configuring buy alprazolam cheap ports and hardware associated customizations. Now, to check the printing availability, go to the Start menu. Navigate through Control Panel > Hardware and Sound and then to Devices and Printers. Lastly, right-click on the Brother printer icon and choose the Printer Properties and click the option for Print Test page.

If the printing is successful, then there is a possibility that a temporary glitch is preventing the scanning function. However, if the Brother printer won’t scan problem persists, go to the next following method.

Method 4: Check the Brother Printer’s Scanner Driver

First, you need to open to the scanner list, by navigating through the Start menu > Control Panel, by clicking on it. Locate the search box on Control Panel. In the dialog box, type in ‘scanner’ and hit Enter. In the new Window, click on the ‘View scanners and cameras’ tab and note whether you can view the scanner icon of your Brother printer. If you are unable to notice the icon, then you have to install the scanner driver.

To install the Driver, Go to the official website and click on the Downloads button. Follow the on-screen instructions and install the Full Driver and Software package. Lastly, reboot the printer as well as the system to verify if the problem exists.

In case of any disruption, while carrying out the process, then it can make your Brother printer unusable. It is better to consult a technical professional to avoid the same hassle twice. Get in touch with Oniton Support technicians who are capable of running specific diagnostics on your device.

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