Know More Why Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink

Brother is a world famous brand which manufactures printing devices for office and personal uses. It has several features which increase its ease of use. However, being a technical gadget it is also not free from frequent woes. Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink is one of those common errors you can face all of a sudden.

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Know Why Your Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink

In order to resolve this matter on your own, it is important to realize why your printing device is facing this issue. Due to several reasons, you can encounter Brother printer won’t detect ink cartridge error. A few of the reasons causing the error are as follows-

  • Internal Error: Most of the Brother printer uses infrared beams to detect the ink levels. When those beams stop working then you can face this error with your printer.
  • Cartridge Type: If you are using a cartridge which is incompatible with your Brother printer, you can notice Brother printer cannot detect ink error message in the display.
  • Installation error: If you cannot install the ink cartridges on your printer then you can face this type of errors with your printing device.

Now, take a look at the solutions to fix this particular issue.

Remedies for Brother Printer not Recognizing Ink Cartridge Issue

If you want to troubleshoot Brother printer not recognizing ink cartridge error on your own then you must try several techniques provided by the engineers. They are –

Check Ink Cartridge

It is necessary to use a compatible ink cartridge with your brother printer otherwise infrared beams fail to detect it. Once you encounter this woe, at first try to check the compatibility of your ink cartridge and change it if needed. If the error persists after using a compatible cartridge then follow the next method.

Restart Printer

After the cartridge installation process, try to restart your printing device to overcome this issue. To perform this action, at first turn off the printer and disconnect it from your computer. After that, remove all wires and cables connected with it and remove it from the wall socket. Wait for some time and then turn on your printer again. You will be able to overcome the issue.

Reinstall Cartridges

If this woe endures then you should try to reinstall ink cartridges. To perform so, turn off the printer and open the top cover of your Brother printer. After this process, press down the old ink cartridge to remove it. After this process, reinsert the ink cartridge. At last, close the top cover and turn on your printer. Your work will be done.

Fix Carriage Jam

You can also face this error due to carriage jam. In this case, try to clean the ink level window to overcome this issue. After this step, try to restart your printer and check the status of the glitch.

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It doesn’t matter how your printing device get affected by this error, the service charges of Oniton Support will be pocket-friendly. That way there will be no pressure on your finances whatsoever for availing these services.

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With Oniton Support, the technicians will fix all Brother printer related issues with updated tools and software via remote access. If you are thinking about the quality of the work then it is requested not to overthink, the technicians will provide standard quality services to resolve the issues instantly.

User Manual Support

If you are a new user of Brother printer then Oniton Support will provide you the user manual to do the most with it.

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