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Bitdefender is a great antivirus for home use. It comes with advanced features which do not let the viruses infect your system. However, users report an unusual bug while accessing the antivirus. After the recent version upgrade, the application prompts a dialog box with Bitdefender Update Error. This has led to a frustrating experience as users are unable to scan their external hard drives. Users are frantic because Bitdefender, which itself protects the computer from attacks is not functioning properly.

If you are facing any such issues with Bitdefender, you can simply contact Oniton Support. It is important for the antivirus to remain stable and in a working state. We have technicians who can easily fix Bitdefender issues within minutes.

Why Bitdefender Update Error Occurs?

Bitdefender is not a simple application, but a core system program which protects computers from any attacks. Its impact on computer’s security is high. For Bitdefender to work properly, all the Operating System files and necessary DLLs should also work fine. If there is any breach in Operating System, Bitdefender won’t work properly.

Apart from this, Bitdefender uses the same channel to update its version as well as virus definition. At times, there is a conflict between the update process. The updater downloads the definition file from the server but installs as an update causes Bitdefender Update Error.

Besides, it also shows the corresponding error code. If you are facing error code 1020 then it means the downloaded file was incomplete and the antivirus can’t proceed further because of the broken file. Bitdefender updates its program through modules, so there is a high chance of missing modules while patching the system.

Bitdefender update error can also cause due to Registry misconfiguration. A registry is basically a record-keeping tool in Windows Operating System. It keeps all the permission and privileges of all applications in your PC. While updating the antivirus, if the new registry values are not imported and restored properly, it will lead to an instant crash.

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Update Error

  • Open the start menu and search for ‘cmd’. Then right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. This will start Command Prompt with all the administrator privileges. Here, you need to force restart the service responsible for Bitdefender.
  • Let the process complete. After cmd is done with the operation, exit the window and restart the computer. Now open Bitdefender, it should work without any issues. Furthermore, check whether the application shows a green flag with Device Protected description. If it shows red, then proceed further.
  • Open settings tab of Bitdefender antivirus and move to Advanced. There you can find lots of proxy settings, avoid changing those. Instead, turn off the stealth mode carefully. Now switch to the update tab, and start a virus definition update. It will download a fresh update package and will install without any Bitdefender update error.
  • After you are done installing the definition update, download the software version update. Do not download definition and version update simultaneously, it might cause conflicts within the software. Once the update completes, restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
  • To clear any interference by Windows OS, disable the Windows Firewall. The firewall is used to block malicious connection attempts from attackers. It also blocks any connection which is irregular and downloads large data packets. So it may block the antivirus to download updates. To turn it off, go to start menu and click on settings. Open Update and Security, and click on Windows Firewall.
  • Now click on Disable Windows Firewall. The feature will turn off and then you can easily download and apply updates without Bitdefender update error.

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