Application Has Been Blocked from Accessing Graphics Hardware Windows 10: Quick Fixes

Sometimes you may see that programs in the Windows 10 deny accessing the graphics hardware. Whenever you update Windows 10 OS and try to play a game, you can see error messages like “Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware windows 10”. This update of the Windows 10, somehow damages the graphics driver and causes such problems. This error message is so irritating for the users. As, when the user tries to play a game or attempt to access any program, it fails to load.

Probable Reasons: Application Blocked from Accessing Graphics Hardware Windows 10

Error message “Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware windows 10” usually occurs whenever you try to open any game in your computer. There are many reasons behind this error message. The most important reason for this issue is the outdated graphics driver.

Furthermore, there are many more reasons which affect the graphics driver. These reasons are such as:

Registry Entries Issue

The registry is the most important part of the graphics driver. If there is any wrong in the registry entries of an application. It may cause this kind of problems with the driver.

Triggered by Any Malware

At times malware and viruses infection damage these graphics drivers. So, that whenever you try to play any game, it blocks the application.

Damage System Files

This is another reason behind this “Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware windows 10” problem. If the system files get damaged by something or deleted it can cause such issues.

If you are facing this problem frequently, don’t panic. Many users face this issue in their system. Just go through the article, and you can fix this problem on your own. Furthermore, you can dial the Oniton Support customer service and get efficient solutions from our experts.

Easy Tricks to Fix: Application Has Been Blocked from Accessing Graphics Hardware Windows 10

Here are some methods that you can implement to resolve the problem. These methods should help in fixing the problem but often users who are not tech-savvy do face problems with it.

Run DISM Commands:

As the damage and corrupted files of the system may create this problem. You can fix them by following these easy steps:

  • Open Run and type cmd in the command box.
  • When the Command Prompt opens, type in sfc/scannow and wait for 100% completion.
  • After the Reboot, the whole system and run the gaming application.

Driver Update:

Outdated drivers are the cause of many problems. This “Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware windows 10” problem also an outdated driver problem. Just go the NVIDIA, AMD, Intel whatever the graphics driver you have and update that.

Scan the System:

Often viruses and malware infect the graphics driver from external sources affecting the performance of the driver. Install an antivirus and scan the whole system. If there is any suspicious thing present it will delete them.

Remove and Reinstall Graphics Driver:

Sometimes the installed driver files misconfigured for various reasons. So, just uninstall the driver in use and installed the updated compatible version.

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