Troubleshoot And Fix Adobe Reader Error 129 With Some Simple And Easy Techniques

Adobe Reader Error 129

Adobe Reader is one of the most famous applications which is popularly used for studying online documents, files. But sometimes the users got some problems with this application. Adobe Reader error 129 is one of the most frequent problems that appear while using the Adobe Reader application on the system. With this error, your computer crashes frequently.

Generally, this error code shows up when the Adobe application is outdated. Apart from that, damaged file, installation of any third-party security software or malware infection can also cause this error. Even, this error might occur if the Operating System is not updated.

We all know that every software application has some glitches and bugs in it and Adobe Reader is no different. If you are also Adobe Reader and facing this issue, then go through this article to learn some easy and effective methods to resolve this quickly.

Different Useful Methods to Fix Adobe Reader Error 129:

Before starting any methods, you need to restart the system. Many users have reported that sometimes by restarting the system, they can resolve this problem. After restarting your computer, check whether the error still shows up or not. If you find it, then you should use another method. Here we are going to discuss some easy and quick methods which will help you in solving Adobe reader error 129.

Method 1 – Restart the Adobe Reader Application

When you see this error on the system, you should close the Adobe Reader application and then wait for a few seconds. After that, you need to open it and then check whether the problem still occurs or not.

Method 2 – Uninstall the Security Software

Sometimes, the security software can prevent the Adobe reader application from opening the file. So, when you try to open this application, you need to remove the security software from the system. To uninstall the security software, follow the steps directed below:

  1. Press the Windows button and S key together to launch the Search Panel.
  2. From the Search box, type Control Panel and then hit the Enter button.
  3. When the Control panel application opens, double-click on the Programs and Features section.
  4. Scroll down the page and find the security software and then click on the Uninstall button to remove it.
  5. Once it is uninstalled and then try to open the Adobe Reader application.

Method 3 – Update the Adobe Reader Application

Sometimes, if you are using the outdated Adobe reader application, then you might get this error on your PC. So, you need to update this application. You have to update the Adobe reader application in two ways.  If you do not know how can you update the Adobe application, follow the steps:


You can update the Adobe Reader application from the official website of Adobe Reader. So, go to the official website and search for the latest version of the Adobe Reader application. After that, download it and then install it properly. Once you are done, restart the system.


  1. First of all, launch the Adobe Reader application by clicking on the Adobe icon which is located at the screen.
  2. In the Adobe Reader application window, navigate to the Help section.
  3. From the Help tab, locate the Check for Updates, click on it to find if any updates are available or not.
  4. If you get any updates, then hit the Update button to start the update process.  
  5. After completing the update process, check whether the issue is still there or not on the system.  

Method 4 – Update the Latest Version of the Operating System

Sometimes, the older version of the Operating System can also be responsible for the Adobe Reader error 129. If you have updated the Adobe Reader application but not updated the Operating System on your PC, then it can hamper to use this application. So, as soon as possible, you need to update the system in order to fix this error code. To update the Operating System, follow the steps cited below:

  1. First, press the Windows button and I key to launch the Settings application.
  2. In the Settings window, double-click on the Update and Security section.
  3. Next, select the Update tab on the left-side panel and select the Check for updates button.
  4. If the update is there, then you can get an option Update, click on it.
  5. After the successful execution of the updating process, reboot the device. Then check whether the Adobe Reader application works properly without any hassle.

Method 5 – Uninstall the Adobe Reader Application and Install It Again

Incomplete installation process or corrupted Adobe Reader application can also cause this problem on your PC. So, you need to remove it from the system and then again install it. If you do not know how can you reinstall it on the system, then follow the directions carefully:

  1. Press the Windows button + X key to open the WinX Menu list and then select the Control Panel application.
  2. From the Control Panel application, select the Programs and Features tab.
  3. When the Programs and Features window opens, find the Adobe Reader application and then click on the Uninstall button to remove it.
  4. Once it is removed, restart the system and then reinstall it from the official website of Adobe Reader. So, visit the official website of Adobe Reader and find the latest version of this application.
  5. After finding this, download it by pressing the Download button. Once the file is download, install it properly.
  6. After completing the installation process, try to open the Adobe Reader application.

Method 6 – Use the System File Checker Tool

If the above-mentioned methods did not work out properly, then you need to use this method to fix Adobe Reader error 129 on your computer. To resolve this issue, you need to use the System File Checker tool. To perform this method, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Search Panel, type Command Prompt and then right-click on it.
  2. After that, choose the Run as Administrator application from that list.
  3. Type SFC/scannow in the Command Prompt and then hit the Enter button.
  4. Once the scanning process gets finished, reboot your PC.

Method 7 – Repair the Adobe Reader Application

To repair the Adobe Reader application, follow the instructions cited below:

  1. Launch the Search box, type Adobe Reader and then hit the Enter button to launch it.
  2. From that window, select the Edit and then click on the Preferences button. After that, find the “Security (Enhanced)” and select it.
  3. Then, unmark the “Enable protected mode at startup” option and select the OK option to save it.
  4. Next, navigate to the Help section and select the Repair Installation button to begin the repair process.

Hopefully, this article is able to give you sufficient information about the solutions to eliminate Adobe Reader error 129 on the device. We also hope that the above-discussed methods will help you to fix this error. Thoroughly read this article and perform the steps on the system to solve it. After performing these methods, if the problem still appears, then you need a professional’s assistance.

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