Suitable Hacks to Prevent Error 0xc0000225 In Minutes

Witnessing this error code 0xc0000225 on Windows OS while restarting the system? This is a common issue and it appears to be problematic at times since it refrains your system from booting.

Windows will put up an error message which implies your system requires immediate repair. Also at times, you might encounter the error which states  “An unexpected error has occurred”.

Sometimes it comes with a message which states “ A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed.” This error is quite prominent on disks that implement newer UEF1 specifications coupled with GPT partition.

However, you can easily get rid of this issue if you are diligent enough. This user guide will show you how to resolve this error quickly and effectively.

Prominent Cause that Aggravates the Error Code: 0xc0000225

Since this error takes place due to corrupted system files, you will usually encounter this error after performing an OS upgrade.

This issue might popup if the system closes abruptly while the update is underway. 

Moreover, the issue might also arise from defective hardware or from the malware that attacks the system files.

Appropriate Steps to Prevent Error 0xc0000225

Follow the under-mentioned steps to get rid of this annoying error.

Creating a Windows 10 Installation Disk

You should have a Windows 10 installation disk or USB drive in your hand ready so that you can easily run the repair tool.

And if you don’t have it, then create one. You should consider the fact that the creation of the Windows 10 drive will remove each and everything from that drive.

Therefore, we suggest you to use a blank flash drive or a DVD to create it. Now, you have to press any key to open the boot menu. After that, you can easily load the Windows 10 disk from the external source.

Automatic Repair Process for Windows

The first and foremost thing is to look for Windows 10 built-in installer. This will examine the issues and will thereby try to resolve them instantly. Therefore, it will fix the hampered BCD to make it functional.

  • After you boot the Windows 10 from the installation drive, you have to wait till you get the Windows Setup screen. Now, you have to confirm the option of languages and then press Next.
  • When the Install now option appears in front of you, click on the “Repair your computer” link.
  • Choose Troubleshoot, available in the Advanced options. Afterward, select the Automatic Repair option, present in the Advanced options tab. 

This process will take time and after that, you need to restart your PC. Now, you can boot again normally without the OS installation drive.

If the error code 0xc0000225 doesn’t show up, then you are on the safe side and if not, then follow the next one.

Run SFC and Disk Scan

Open Command Prompt (Admin) by pressing the Windows and X keys together. 

To begin the process, run the System File Checker(SFC) by typing “sfc /scannow” in the Command window. This will examine the corrupt or missing files and will try to resolve them.

After the completion of the process, you need to execute the Disk Check option. This will examine the errors on the hard disk. 

You just have to use the command “chkdsk c: /r  and thereby replace C: using the letter present in the main partition.

Upon execution of all the scans, reboot the system normally. This will easily resolve this 0xc0000225 Windows 10 issue in one go.

Rebuild the BCD

If you still encounter this error, the next best thing is to use a command that’d rebuild the BCD. 

Again, you have to boot from the Windows 10 installation media. After that, from the Advanced Options menu, its time to choose the Command Prompt. 

Then, execute the following commands.

The first command will scan the disk for the purpose of compatibility installations. Ultimately, this will help you obtain the missing Windows installation files. 

bootrec /scanos

The second and third command will write a new MBR thereby help you to boot the sector of the disk.

bootrec /fixmbr 

bootrec /fixboot 

The final command will scan the Windows installation after you perform the possible fixes

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Finally, you have to restart the PC for one more time and this will help you get rid of this error 0xc0000225.

Establish the Active Partition

Windows will now permit you to modify the active partition which will ask the system to restart from the exact location. If this appears to be incorrect, you can easily modify the Windows to the correct partition.

Step 1: Follow the above-mentioned steps to open the Command Prompt from the Windows repair disk. Write the following commands for opening the Disk Partition tool and see the available disks.


list disk

Step 2: Now, you will find a band of entries marked as Disk 0 and Disk 1 as well. The internal hard drive is similar to Disk 0. Moreover, you can sort using size.

Use the following commands and remove X with 0 or the model number of the HDD. 

select disk X

list partition

The second command will tell you about the required partitions on the internal drive. The main partition changes depending on the model.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to provide the following commands. Just replace X with the partition number. 

select partition X


Once you are done with all that, make a straight exit from the command prompt and restart the device. Finally, check if the issue persists or not. 

System Restoration or Reinstallation of Windows

If none of the above methods worked, then you can apply System Restore from the recovery disk to get it back on track. 

  • In order to begin the process, boot from the installation media. After that, you have to choose System Restore. Now, you need to pin-point a restore point.
  • Windows will return to that point without hampering the personal files. 

However, if there is a lack of restore points, then its time to reinstall the Windows to remove the damaged system files and make it fresh.


Hopefully, the methods, mentioned in this informative guide will help you to fix error 0xc0000225 available on Windows 10. It doesn’t matter whether this issue is caused due to botched upgrade or any hardware issue. 

Thankfully, you have manifold options available at your fingertips. Apart from this, the manual guide is there which you can refer to any urgent issues. Moreover, if you have any fresh ideas, you can provide that in the comment box.

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