Xbox Error Code 0x803f8001: Learn How To Remove It With 5 Easy Steps

The Error Code 0x803f8001 is a very common Xbox One error and it can prevent the user from running games and apps in the console.

Most of the time, this error occurs in the console when the users try to open up a newly downloaded application or game. Apart from that, many users have also encountered this error while launching their old application.

Usually, this error triggers due to simple software misconfigurations and setting mistakes. However, sometimes, the error 0x803f8001 also generates due to server related issue.

Now, if you are one of those users who is facing this error on their Xbox One console and want to know how to resolve it then follow this article to the end. This is because we have provided all the possible solution here.

But before going into the solution section we will suggest you have a look at the main causes of this error. This will assist you to understand the error vividly. 

Main Factors of the Xbox Error Code 0x803f8001

In the Xbox One console, there are various types of problematic factors which may generate this error. And we have explained those factors in the section below. Have a look at them. 

  1. The Xbox One console doesn’t boot up properly.
  2. Problematic Application is bought and downloaded by another Xbox user.
  3. The User isn’t signed-in into the Xbox Live account.
  4. The application is corrupted or outdated.
  5. Xbox servers are under maintenance.

Now, if you have analyzed all the possible causes of the error code 0x803f8001 then let’s have a look at the solutions to this error.

5 Ways to Remove the Xbox Error Code 0x803f8001

There are many ways through which you can remove the error code 0x803f8001 from your Xbox One console. But you need to apply the solutions properly in order to get a positive result.

In this section, we have provided the best ways to remove the Xbox One 0x803f8001. Have a look at the solutions and try to use them as instructed.

Reset the Xbox One Console

Usually, Xbox One users are able to resolve this error by simply restarting their console. And it is quite possible the same tricks work on your Xbox One console too.

Now, to try out this trick on your console, follow the given steps.

  1. Press the Xbox logo button on the console or controller to open up the Xbox guide menu.
  2. Then, in that menu, you will get the Settings option and click on it.
  3. This will open up the Settings menu on the screen. Inside that menu, you will find the Restart Console option.
  4. Click on that option and then hit the Yes button to confirm your selection.


This action will reboot the Xbox One console and once the console starts you will note it is free of the error code. 

Physically Power Cycle the Xbox One Console

If you are unable to access the Xbox guide menu or the console is frozen then you can use the Power Cycle method to restart it.

To execute this method on the console, go through the given steps.


  1. Turn off the console by pressing and holding down the Xbox icon button for around 10 seconds. 
  2. After it shuts down, wait for a few seconds and then press the Xbox icon button on the console or controller. 

Now, the green boot-up animation will come up on the screen to show the sign of console rebooting. But this process fails then repeat these steps again.

While performing the Power Cycle method once again ensure the console shuts down properly. To do that press and hold the Xbox power types generic antibiotics button until it turns off completely. 

Reconnect all the Xbox One Console Power Cable

Now, if the simple rebooting methods don’t work for you then try to disconnect and reconnect Xbox One console power cable while performing a reboot. Many users have received a positive results by using this technique on their Xbox One console. 

Now, to test out this rebooting method on your console, follow the given instructions properly.


  1. Press the Xbox icon button on the console or controller in order to shut down the console.
  2. Then, wait for around 10 seconds to make sure that the console is completed turned off.
  3. After doing that, unplug the all the connected USB and power cables and then wait for another 10 seconds. 
  4. By doing this you will be able to reset the power supply of the console.
  5. Now, plug back everything and restart the Xbox One console by pressing the Xbox icon button.

Once the Xbox One console is ready, try to look for the existence of the error code 0x803f8001.

Assign the Xbox One Console as the Home Box

If the game which is giving out this error when you try to run it is purchased and downloaded by a different person like another family member.  Then, you can remove the error by simply designating that problematic Xbox One Console as the Home Box.

The Home Box feature allows the user to share games and downloadable content from the Store with those users who were logged-in in the Xbox One console. 

Now to enable the Home Box feature on your Xbox One console follow the given steps.

  1. Press the Xbox icon button and launch the Xbox guide menu. 
  2. There you will get the Settings option. Click on it 
  3. In the Settings menu, locate the All Settings option and then click on it.
  4. Now, on the next menu, you will find the Personalization option and select it.
  5. Inside the Personalization menu, you will encounter the My home Xbox option, click on it. And then check that information which has been displayed on the screen. 
  6. Then, select the ‘Make this my home Xbox’ option in order to assign the console as the Home Xbox.

After doing that, try to launch the game again and look for the error. However, if the error is still appearing on the Xbox One console then try out the other solutions given in this article.

Make Sure You are Logged into Xbox Live Account

Another factor that can trigger this error in the Xbox One console is the Xbox Live Account. If the user isn’t sign-in into the Xbox Live account then the error 0x803f8001 can occur in the console while running an application. 

So, to fix this problem, double-check if you’re signed in your Xbox Live account properly or not. If you are not, then log out for the Xbox Live account and then sign-in again. After doing that, try to run the problematic application once more. This time it should start working. 


Now, if none of the given solutions is able to remove the Xbox error code 0x803f8001 then you should check the Xbox Live service status. 

If you see any alert messages on the Xbox Live service status then it indicates the error is occurring because of any abrupt server issue. And you need to wait until the server issue is fixed.

We hope that our article is able to provide you enough information on the Xbox One 0x803f8001. However, if you have any question regarding this error then use the comment section. We will try to revert with beneficial tech-articles.

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