Know More About Cisco Router Setup: Avail Easy Fixes

Cisco Systems Inc is an American networking component manufacturer which is headquartered at San Jose, California. Cisco manufactures high-end networking hardware and sells their products globally. When it comes to the top networking companies in the market, Cisco certainly tops the list. Nowadays, Cisco manufactures high-quality routers which you can use for both personal as well as commercial purposes. Cisco is gaining remarkable impact in the field of networking nowadays. However, if you have recently bought a Cisco router then you will need a Cisco router setup. Have a look at this article to set up the Cisco router by yourself.

If you don’t have the confidence to resolve the issue on your own then it is better to take the help of professionals. This is because networking issues can turn to a critical system defect. You can seek help from Oniton Support. We have trained technicians in the field of networking. So we give you the assurance that you won’t be facing the same issues in the near future.

When would you Need Cisco Router Setup?

You may need a setup Cisco router for various reasons. Know which are the circumstances when you need a Cisco router setup.

Difficult Configuration

The router you have can report some errors if it is not properly configured. You may also face such problem if you have bought a Cisco router recently and you are not able to set up its configuration.

Repeater Issues

There can be an issue with the repeater of your Cisco router. A repeater is basically an advanced feature installed in some routers. The repeater helps you get a strong connection when there is a drop in the signal. Generally, the repeater is configured with the main router. So a problem with the repeater of your Cisco router needs to be set up properly.

Change in the IP Address

Sometimes the internet service providers change the IP Address and also the subnet mask of your locality. In such cases, you need to setup Cisco router again with the new configuration. Moreover, you should know how to set up Cisco router if your router is malfunctioning and you have to Reset the router.

How to Setup Cisco Router?

  1. Turn the power on while you start the process.
  2. Then, reset your Cisco router with the help of a pointed object like a pen or anything of that sort. You need to press the small reset button.
  3. Hold the reset button for some time to start the reset procedure.
  4. Then reset process of your Cisco router will start on its own and will automatically take the configuration which is set at default.
  5. Now, open your web browser and type in the following address and press Enter: to open the Cisco router setup page.
  6. There you have to give the appropriate username and password and select the “Login” button.
  7. The Cisco Setup Wizard opens. There go to “Dynamic IP” option and press the enter key.
  8. Then give the appropriate IP Address and subnet mask and save the changes made.
  9. After that, log out from the Cisco wizard and search for any random thing on the internet to check whether it is working or not.

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