How to Make Money on a Side Business

Even though you have a full-time job and make a decent living, you might want to make a little extra on the side. There are plenty of ways you can generate an extra income – and have a side-hustle if you will – it is simply about thinking creatively. For example, you can consider your…

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Five Sleek and Classy Black Timepieces for Men From Longines Watches

When it comes to luxury timepieces, Longines is almost always one of the brands that are sought after by many fashion enthusiasts and watch collectors. Fair enough, the Longines brand’s stash is filled with masterpieces that exude so much charms and elegance. More than just the visual value, they are also known for their precise…

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Things To Know About The Omega Seamaster

Omega is known to be the only watch brand to have been on the moon when an astronaut known as Buzz Aldrin wore this watch brand in his mission to the moon on 21st July 1969, and ever since this happened, Omega was known internationally. The company was started in 1848 by the founder Louis…

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Diesel: Affordable And Extraordinary Timepieces

The diesel watch brand is an Italian company that was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. Renzo has always been interested in fashion and grew up sewing denim for his parents. He sewed bell-bottomed jeans with his mother’s sewing machine, which he traded for 3500 Lira. In 1976, he worked at Moltex to gain some…

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