Resolve iPhone 1970 Bug With Flawless Techniques

The iPhone 1970 bug is such a problem that is much similar to Fontal in iOS. One can quickly identify the bug because it prevents the users from turning on the iPhone and continuously starts rebooting. This error does not appear in iOS 7 or the earlier versions of the iPhone. The bug occurs with…

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How To Record Facetime On iPhone | The Complete Guide

Smartphones these days come with great cameras and there are a lot of different things that you can do with them. Starting from clicking great pictures to recording high definition videos, you can do all of that. And because of the good quality cameras and high-speed internet connections. Now, you can start video calls with…

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Know How To Text Non-iPhone Users From Mac With Easy Guide

iPhones although command a giant chunk of the global smartphone market, it is not the vast majority. Moreover, iPhones run on the iOS which is different from the operating platforms for the other phones. Doesn’t matter which brand. So, it is more probable that the people you would want to send text messages to from…

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How To Resolve Moto X Won’t Charge? Fix It

Moto X is the flagship line of the new generation Motorola phone. And these phones are very, very good. In terms of performance, aesthetics and all that. But users have reported about power issues with this device. It could be due to multiple different reasons. Is it the case that your Moto X won’t charge?…

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