Why Dell Laptop not Reading SD Card? Get Instant Fixes

SD is an acronym for Secure Digital, helps to keep a backup of important documents. If your Dell laptop not reading SD card then it can be very frustrating. To solve the issue you can take the SD card out of its place and again place it in its position in a proper manner. By…

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Why Lenovo Critical Process Died: Get the Best Solutions

The critical process is the most important part of any laptop. However, many Lenovo laptop users may often face such problems. The screen of the laptop turns blue as soon as the error occured in the system. This Lenovo critical process died error is the most common error among the Lenovo laptop users. Because of…

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HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix: Get Troubleshoot Guide

Nowadays, most of the laptops have an LCD screen. HP laptop LCDs are very must sensitive to a fault. The LCD screen is more delicate than magnetic and electric fields such as cell phones, lights, speakers, etc. When some issue arises in the LCD, the screen may reproduce a faint display, flickering, etc. This flickering…

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