How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer in 7 Simple Ways

Did you know that Americans spend around 5.4 hours per day on their phones? While this may seem like a lot of time, many of us aren’t just using our phones to scroll through social media. We use our phones to communicate with our coworkers, stay connected with friends and family members, listen to music,…

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Quick And Easy Fixes For iPhone Error 4013

The iPhone error 4013 can appear whenever you try to restore the Apple device. The message that comes up when this error occurs is as follows – “iPhone can’t be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)”. This error mainly occurs if the lightning cable, port and the USB port has some damage. Also, when the…

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Ways To Remove Parsing Error: Improve Your Browsing Experience

There are certain instances when you like to download favorite apps but you are unable to do so because of certain reasons. The problem can be a parsing error. Android phones come with a large customer base across the world just in comparison with iPhone users. The sturdy OS comes with myriads of applications and…

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Close Apps On iPhone X  With Just A Swipe

People usually use the Home button to close apps on iPhone X. While closing the apps completely on your Apple device provides you with a bulk of memory and boosts your applications, the unresponsive applications still remain as an issue. Therefore, if you are coming across any problem with specific applications in your Apple device,…

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