Microsoft Edge Won’t Open: Apply Some Easy Fixes

Microsoft Edge is a web browser from Microsoft and is the default browser in Windows after replacing the Internet Explorer. Edge has some amazing features which people find useful. Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge has integration with Cortona, reading notes, etc. After the last update in Windows 10, many users have reported that Microsoft Edge…

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Turn Off Facebook Notifications Chrome With Easy Hacks

Facebook is the widely used social networking platform where you can connect to your friends and family via a face-to-face interaction. Here, you can share your photos, videos and any type of content you want. Facebook is so popular due to its wide variety of features and user-friendly platform. You can easily access Facebook through…

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An Expert Guide To Block Websites On Chrome

At times, there arises the need for you to block a few websites. It may be among the most famous social networking sites that eat up a large amount of time so that you can devote to your work. Hence, the need to prevent them from inhibiting your productivity calls for the need to know…

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