An Overview About Leading Law Firms in Dubai

Law Firms in Dubai

Many foreigners working and living in Dubai are unfamiliar with the process of LEADING law in Dubai. This is a legal system devised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an alternative to traditional Islamic Law. However, the system has spread worldwide and there are many prominent lawyers who are practicing it. Leading law firms in Dubai are famous for providing their services to foreigners.

The legal system in Dubai has its own set of rules, which differentiate it from other countries. The main aim was to create a legal system that was based on Islamic principles. These rules were codified by the royal house of Dubai and all the laws that pertain to the emirate are derived from this source. Most leading law firms around the globe are experts at serving their customers from Dubai.

Legal professionals belonging to leading law firms around the world use specialized services. The main features of this system are equality and transparency. Both men and women have equal status when it comes to inheritance, property, and business matters. The legal system allows each citizen to practice law without restriction. There is no bar to any person from being able to practice a profession as a lawyer. All the qualifications requisite for becoming a lawyer are provided to a person through the prescribed curriculum.

A legal firm can be registered with the National Bureau of Qualification and Education (NBQE). The law institute offering courses in law should be accredited by an external agency. The best universities offering law degrees and specialization in international law are listed in the directory. It is mandatory for law firms to register with the relevant authorities and also get a license to operate. The license is valid for two years and maybe renewed or converted according to the wishes of the authorities.

The next step is for the aspiring lawyers in Dubai to find an appropriate law firm. The candidates can conduct research using the internet. The database of online legal firms is available in various categories like corporate, personal, commercial, employment, and real estate. In addition to the details, prospective clients can find out the fees charged and the mode of operation of the firm.

Legal practitioners have to register themselves with the relevant authorities. The process of registration varies with the discipline of the law practice. There are different registration procedures for attorneys practicing corporate, criminal, family, or industrial law. The process of registration of an individual follows the same procedure of other practitioners. The law firms have to submit their application forms to the designated authorities. The forms are available online and can be downloaded for free.

The lawyers associated with a law firm have to follow stringent rules to maintain their registration status. This status cannot be canceled at any stage and the failure to comply can result in the immediate removal of the license. The law firms are restricted to operating for a limited period. This limit has been imposed in order to control the growth of the industry and to maintain the quality of the service provided by the lawyers.

The lawyers associated with the Leading Lawyers in Dubai have gained a lot of popularity among the people due to their high standard of performance and standard services. Many people rely on the services provided by these law firms in order to resolve all their legal issues. The law firms offer an impressive array of services like document preparation, drafting, litigation support, document filing, and dispute resolution. These services help lawyers to provide genuine and ethical service to their clients.

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