8 Trademark Features of Samsung Galaxy: A Future Beyond Smartphone


With the help of Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode and only Organic Light Emitting Diode displays, Samsung holds the upper hand in terms of smartphones. Many experts suggest that people usually pick up a mobile device stuffed with exclusive features. 

If you are willing to pick up a Galaxy smartphone, then welcome to the world of possibilities. Samsung’s smartphones have a huge collection of features that you cannot find anywhere else. Even if you use an iPhone, you will get some features missing when compared to Galaxy smartphones.

Into the World of Galaxy Nova

Exploring all the types of possibilities with Galaxy smartphones will help you to enhance your work as well as keep a balance in your personal life. With perfect security, you will get a taste of modern and advanced mobile technology. 

1. Ultimate Folder Security 

Previously, in many other smartphones, you had to download a third-party application in order to lock an app or a folder. But now, as mobile technology is reaching its height, Samsung has gathered all these facilities in the form of a built-in feature. The Secure Folder allows you to keep all of your personal files and applications safe and secured. 

All you have to do is set a password for the Secure folder. After that choose the data and apps that you want to include. If someone tries to root your phone without your permission, then it will permanently lock the files and applications in it. In case you forget the password, seek immediate help from the experts associated with mobile repair Dubai, they will fix the problem and help you to set a new password. 

2. Innovative Gestures 

Apart from Bixby and Samsung Pay or Pay Mini, the smartphones also consist of some innovative gestures. A few Galaxy flagship phones have the feature of double-tapping on the screen to open the camera. In addition to that, the double-tapping feature also has the ability to turn on the screen. 

The Smart Stay feature also uses the selfie camera to detect your eyes and identify whether you are looking at the screen or not. Your simple gaze at the screen will unlock it. The Smart Alert will also make the phone vibrate and let you know that you have received missed calls and messages while you were away. 

3. The Built-in One-handed Mode

You will find this mode only in Galaxy normal and flagship smartphones. While using the device with your left or right hand, you don’t have to stretch your fingers over the screen to type and select. The one-handed mode will bring everything to the tip of your finger. 

During any incoming voice and video calls, you can bring down the current window to the bottom. The task in the window will continue to run in the background and will wait for your response. In case, you cannot understand the feature, seek help from mobile repair Dubai. 

4. Sharing is Caring 

Apart from data sharing, Samsung also allows the users to share the power of battery as well. If the Galaxy smartphone is running out of power, then you can easily share the phone’s power of the person using the identical device. Just turn on the ‘Wireless power share’ feature in both the phones, adjust the position of both devices and share the power. 

5. From Video to Animation 

Creating GIFs generally helps to create memories with a dramatic appearance. Not only from the recorded videos, but you can also create GIFs from YouTube, too. Simply open the YouTube application and choose the Smart select app. After that, navigate through the air command menu and enter into the GIF animation section. Select the duration of the clip, crop it and tap on Save. After that, download the GIF and share it for fun and amusement. 

6. Great Storage Security

In order to secure your storage space, there are no other ways than an encryption and decryption feature. If you are using additional secondary memory i.e. memory cards, then you really have to keep your private and important files secured in it. In order to make the storage card more secure, you can easily encrypt the card with the help of a password. 

If you don’t know how to reset your device allow the mobile specialists of mobile repair Dubai to do it for you. Before proceeding towards the process of encryption, make sure that you have the capability to decrypt the encrypted data, after a factory reset. 

7. Reminder Notes on a Locked Screen 

When you are using the Note series of Galaxy smartphones, not only you will be able to tap on it but also write on the screen. You can do this with the help of S Pen that comes with the Note and Samsung Galaxy tablets. In an emergency, you might have to take important notes and you might not have the time to unlock your device. Just take out the S Pen and the display will turn on automatically. However, this feature is not available for the S series. 

8. The Night Mode

At night, before going to bed, spending a few minutes on the social network is not bad at all. So, in order to save power, Samsung always offers its mobile phone users the dark mode. Just turn on the mode by accessing the Settings. Moreover, it will also protect your eyes. 

Summing Up…

Before buying a new phone, make sure the mobile repair Dubai centre is nearby. Because, if you face any problems, then you can rush to them. The experts can help you recover your device from any potential damage. So, the decision is yours, choose wisely.

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