Hulu Error Code 403: Easy Fixes

The 403 error code can show up on the Hulu streaming services when the internet connection is poor or slow. Generally appearing when you try to play or stream a video, this issue when occurs, will freeze the browser and it will stop responding.

The full message that you get when this issue comes up is the “Sorry, we encountered an error playing this video. Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch”.

There are several reasons for the occurrence of this error. If the browser is not up to date or when the browser cache is not cleared, then there is a possibility for you to face this issue.

Moreover, if the IPv6 is not chosen then this error might crop up.

Here, we have mentioned the fixes to resolve this particular glitch on Hulu. So, go through the solutions and apply them correctly to fix this error in no time.

Methods to Rectify the Hulu Error Code 403

This is the section of the article that will help you to easily eradicate this problem. Follow the methods given below carefully and minutely.

Fix 1: Enable IPv6

If the IPv6 option is not enabled, then there is a possibility to encounter this issue. The solution to getting rid of this problem is to activate the IPv6 option. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • First, tap on the combination of keys ‘Windows + S’ together to launch the default ‘Search’ section of the Operating System. Within that section, type in the text ‘control panel’. Then, from the output of that search, choose the ‘Control Panel’ option.
  • Now, a new window with the name ‘Control Panel’ will come up. In it, locate and then choose the ‘Network and Internet’ category.
  • Next, a new page will come up, from where select the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ option. As soon as you do that, a new page with the title ‘Network and Sharing Center’ will show up.
  • Within that page, go to the left panel and then choose the ‘Change adapter settings’ link. This action will open up a new page with the name ‘Network Connections. Inside that page, locate the currently active internet connection and right-click on it.
  • After that, from the popup menu, select the ‘Properties’ option. This will open a new dialog box having the title ‘Wireless (Ethernet) Network Connection Properties’.
  • Now, in that dialog box, locate the ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)’ option and then put a checkmark on it. A new window titled ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) Properties’ will appear.
  • Next, choose both the radio buttons ‘Obtain an IPv6 address automatically’ and ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically.’ Then choose the ‘OK’ button within this window and the ‘Wireless Network Connection Properties’ window.
  • At last, restart the computer and see if this error is resolved or not.

Fix 2: Inspect the URL of the Hulu Service

When the Unified Resource Locator of the official Hulu website is wrongly typed into the address bar of the browser, then you can face the 403 error code. The best way to resolve this problem is to check the address of the Hulu website.

The steps on how can you do that are as follows:

  • First, check the official URL of the Hulu website. See if there are any missing words or special characters on the address of the website.
  • Next, check the protocol of the website along with the address of the Hulu website. The protocol will be “HTTPs” and not “HTTP”.
  • After the inspection is complete, then if possible, re-type the entire official website of the Hulu service on the address bar of the browser and click on the ‘Enter’ button to execute and visit the site.

Fix 3: Power Cycle the Router to Check the Network  

When the network connection is slow or there is no activity at all, then you might face this issue. The only feasible solution to correct this problem is to restart the router and examine the network connection. The steps on how to power cycle the router are given below.

  • First, locate the ‘Power’ button on the router and then press on it to shut the device off.
  • Then, take out the power cable on the router from the wall socket, remove the ‘Ethernet’ cable from the device and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now, check the ‘LAN’ cable for any kind of external damages. If there is a puncture on the ‘Ethernet’ cable, then immediately replace that cable with a new one.
  • Next, put back both the ‘Power’ and ‘LAN’ cables back into their proper places within the router and power it on. Now, check the ‘Network’ LED on the router and see if it is working or not.
  • At last, open a web browser and visit any website that you prefer to inspect if there is any network connectivity or not.

Fix 4: Clean the Web Browser Cache Memory

If the browser cache memory has any corrupt data within it, then you might encounter this issue. The best answer to resolve this problem is to clean the cache memory of the browser. 

Here, we have mentioned the deletion process of the cache memory for specifically the Google Chrome browser. So follow along.

  • First, open the Chrome browser, navigate to the upper right corner of the window and tap on the ‘three vertical dots’.
  • This action will launch the drop-down menu, then from it, locate and select the ‘Settings’ option. Now, a new page with the heading ‘Settings’ will appear.
  • Within that page, scroll down until you see the ‘Advanced’  option. Now, click on that combo box to reveal other options for the browser.
  • Next, locate the ‘Privacy and security’ section. Under that section, choose the ‘Clear browsing data’ option. This action will open up a new popup window, with the name ‘Clear browsing data.’
  • In that popup window, choose the ‘Basic’ tab. Under that tab, choose the ‘Time range’ to ‘All time’ and then put tick marks on the following options: ‘Browsing history’, ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’.
  • At last, to delete the data within the browser cache memory, click on the ‘Clear data’ button.

Fix 5: Update the Web Browser

If clearing the cache memory of the web browser is unable to solve this problem, then you can perform an update of the web browser to fix this glitch. Here, the update process is explained specifically for the Google Chrome browser.

  • First, locate and double-tap on the Google Chrome browser icon to launch the same.
  • Then, tap on the ‘three vertical dots’ on the upper-right edge of the window. This action will open a drop-down menu.
  • From that menu, go to the ‘Help’ option. Next, from the submenu choose the ‘About Google Chrome’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, a new ‘Settings’ page with the heading ‘About Chrome’ will come up. Now, the Chrome browser will look for any updates.
  • If there is an update available, then that will be updated automatically and you will see a message ‘Google Chrome is up to date’.
  • Finally, try to visit the official Hulu website and then see if this issue is fixed or not.

To Conclude

To easily remove the Hulu error code bya-403-007, you will have to follow the methods provided here, carefully and minutely. But, if even after following every method, the error is still not gone, then do not worry.

Just provide the details of the problem you are facing in the comment section below and get an effective solution from a professional.

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