3 Pro Ways to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

Cracked Phone Screen

Mobile phones are very delicate and you need to handle them very carefully. All of a sudden, if you drop it accidentally, the screen will crack. Furthermore, the display will also get damaged. As the display is the main part of the phone, where you work, you will not be able to use the device anymore. 

Mobile repair Dubai ensures you to provide impeccable service in terms of repairing the cracked screen. However, the repair comes at an expense, which solely depends upon the quality, model and brand of the smartphone that you are using. 

Understanding the Difference between Repair & Replace 

First, whenever you face this type of problem, you have to understand the main difference between fixing your mobile phone and replacing it. Fixing indicated eliminating the damaged part and replacing the parts with a new one. 

Whereas, the replacement process means replacing the entire phone, which usually requires you to spend a large amount of money if the warranty period is over. 

Calculate the Damage 

There are many ways through which you can repair the damaged screen of your phone. You can use DIY means to restore the phone screen. But, at the same time do not overlook the importance of mobile repair Dubai service experts.

Now, let’s take a close look at how to fix the cracked screen: 

1. Avoid Heavy Usage 

You can see several signs of scratches and smudges on the screen of your mobile devices due to regular usages. This results in weakening the screen and eventually reduces the hold pressure. That is why it can get cracked even more. Sometimes, your fingerprint marks stay on the screen and this makes it hard for you to read the details on the screen. 

In order to restore the smoothness and increase the durability of the screen, there are few tricks that you can follow. One of the easiest ways is to change the thin coating of the fluoropolymer layer. You can easily buy the coating layer from any electronic stores. If you cannot find one, ask the experts of mobile repair, they will arrange it for you. 

In case there are scratches on the screen, you must wipe to eliminate them. Microfiber cleaning cloth and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol are just more than enough to finish the job. The solution will remove the scratches. The microfiber cloth will wipe them out from the screen and make it look like a new one. 

2. The Rescue Tool Kit 

The rescue kit has glue tapes in it. It actually helps you to fix your mobile device’s cracked screen. There are several mobile rescue kits available in the market. Before buying one, make sure that you buy the one that comes inclusive of the glue tapes. 

Now, wipe the screen surface with a soft cloth or towel. Open the seal of the glue tape or the adhesive tape. Apply it on the scratches and on the broken areas. Keep them on the screen for quite some time. After that, peel them off. 

3. Final Inspect and Replace 

Before starting this procedure make sure that you have enough knowledge about the procedure and replacement algorithm. On the first note, you have to remember that this procedure is very much delicate and the parts of the devices like screws, clamps, and others are very small. That is why you have to handle them with care. 

The replacement of the screen crack is the only option if your damage is critical. In addition to that, you also have to change the entire outer casing of the device. So, gather all the necessary items like tools, before starting the procedure. 

Roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself for replacing the part. In the perfect order, open up the mobile device and disconnect the battery. If your device has the built-in battery inside, then obviously you will turn it off. After that, carefully disconnect the cable connectors from the display. 

Keep the display, safely. Open up the outer frame of the device that has the cracked screen attached to it. Keep the screws separately, so that you don’t mix them up. Fix the new screen at its desired place. Re-attach the parts one by one and complete the closing procedure. 


Fixing the screws in the holes is one of the most important as well as delicate work. Understanding the compatibility of the screws in their respective holes will be your main task. So you have to perform it very carefully. Otherwise, you can always seek help from the professionals.

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