How To Resolve Epson Printer Error Code 000031

Epson printers are one of the popular printers on the market. It was Epson only who first launched the mini-printer. Epson printer started its journey in 1968. But, sometimes its users face some problems with the printer. Such as Epson Printer Error Code 000031.

Epson printer 000031 error mainly occurs due to some dispute in scanner area. It also can arise for some hardware issues or due to internal equipment problems. It interrupts your printing process, and stop working. But, don’t worry, here in this article we are providing you with some valuable solutions to restore this error. They are-

Epson Printer Error Code 000031

5 easy steps to Repair Epson Printer Error Code 000031

Struggling with your Epson printer for the error code 000031!!! Relax… here are some easy steps, which can help you. So, read with me the following steps.

1)Turn off your printer

It is the most natural step to repair any tech-problems. , turn off your printer and again ‘turn on’ it after a few minutes. See, is it working properly or not. If it does not then follow the next step.

2)Reset the printer

To perform this step first of all stop the printing process. Best, if you can turn off your machine, then do it. Now follow the guidelines-

  • Connect your PC to the printer using the USB cable. And go for “factory reset” option.
  • Now, go to the “control panel” and then click on ¬†‘Printer and device.’
  • Next, you need to ‘locate your printer.’
  • In the final step, you need to restart your device.

Still, facing the same issue?? then try the next step

3)Install the cartridge

This method also can help you. You require to set the round by removing it. For that, you need to follow the step-

  • Remove the ink cartridge from your printer.
  • See a message is showing in your PC, to “install the cartridge.” If it is displaying on the screen, you can insert it.
  • Now, test your device to check whether the error is dissolved or not.

If not, then carry on with the next step.

4)Check out the papers

‘Paper jamming’ also can be a reason for this problem. So, try to figure out that ‘is there any paper stuck in the machine??. If yes, then remove it. Now, start your device again and see whether the problem is gone or not.

The same problem?? then continue with the final step.

5) Inspect the printer for any blockage

Check out your printer thoroughly. Is there any particles or dust blocked inside the machine? If yes, then remove it.

We hope that the Epson Printer Error Code 000031 has been resolved now. If you are facing the same problem till now. In that case, we will suggest you send your machine for servicing. There might be some other issues, which is interrupting your printing process.