Know How To Fix Canon Printer E13 Error – Step By Step Guidance

Canon printers are the most leading brands in the entire world. It has been developing printers for over decades now. A printer is an essential tool for printing documents of work, daily life, or even for conducting a printing press business. Canon provides several types of printers. Ranges from Inkjet printers, fax machines, scanners, and projectors. People can have a choice from a huge circle. But, again there are certain issues that come up along with these well-branded devices even though they are the leading edge.

Causes Of Canon Printer E13 Error

Canon printers calculate the number of pages printed with respect to page coverage to find out the when the cartridge needs to be filled. Error messages show because the printer is having difficulty in recognizing one or more than one cartridge.

canon printer E13 error message is visible on the LCD screen when the printer cartridge runs out of indication that it is empty. The printer will cease printing or scan any further after this error code.


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It is caused when the cartridge is remanufactured or refilled. It will show a low or an ’empty immediately’ sign. This sort of cartridges does not have the process to show the amount of fresh ink. The printer does not get affected by this error code. Refilled cartridges are the clone of the original ones which are not sold by the authorized dealers. Hence, the incorporation of these will harm the printer.

The printer connects to the cartridge with the help of a brass ribbon. If this particular ribbon is stained with the black ink, then it will not have a secure contact with the printer. you can solve this by cleaning the cartridge by pulling it out from the printer.

Canon Printer E13 Error

Simple ways to fix this issue

Certain errors are minor that can be fixed by the user themselves. These 9 simple points will help you out for solving the canon printer E13 error.

  • Your printer should be on the ‘switch on’ mode
  • Turn off the ink gauge, do not click on cancel printing
  • After it displays the error message, hold down and press the reset/stop button
  • Repeating the second point, press and hold the power button as well
  • Tap and hold these buttons for 3/6 seconds until the error message changes
  • After holding them for 3/6 seconds, the printer will automatically switch off
  • Wait for another 5 seconds and then switch the printer on
  • The cartridge’s LED light will have a ‘yellow’ color blink
  • Canon printer will now start working properly


Keep a check on the ink capacity of these printers from time to time.  There are certain myths that the printers do not get affected by the error, but the continued usage of refilled ink and the low cartridge will hamper the performance of the printer. You can find out compatible cartridges for your printer.

In case of the worst scenario, the printer head may burn if this running out of cartridge prevails. Maintain your printer with accurate products to avoid such errors.