Stuck With Canon Printer E05 Error – Fix It Easily

Printing issues causing harm to your work? It is a phenomenon that is extremely common among Canon printer users. Canon printers use the most advanced techniques to make sure your printing is flawless. Along with using the new methods, it does flash certain problems. Canon printer E05 error takes place when the ink cartridge is not installed properly. This not only happens in one model but persists on other Canon models too. The error message flashes on the printer LCD screen on the printer and you are unable to perform any printing task.

What Exactly Is The Canon Printer E05 Error?

The ink cartridge is a small opening that releases space ink to make the print on a paper. Hence, if the printer is kept unused for an extensive period of time, the cartridge will dry up and won’t put up the print while blocking the cartridge opening.

It also happens due to the breach of a cartridge in this holder as when the cartridge is replaced. Furthermore, Canon printer E05 error message can flash when the printer is unable to recognize the cartridge.

This happens, if the cartridge is refilled or comes from the clone market of the original ones i.e remanufactured. The error message is ‘ Fine Cartridge Cannot Be Recognised’

Canon printer uses a golden color contact on the face of the cartridge and that stands to be the only point of connection of the cartridge.

Canon Printer E05 Error

Easy methods to solve E05 Canon printer error

  1. The user should reset the printer by holding the stop button for 5-7 seconds so that the printer can reboot itself
  2. You can reinstall and clear the block. You can do this by opening the lid of the top of the canon printer
  3. After opening, you see whether the ink cartridge is filled or dried up
  4. There are two click locks located at the side of the cartridge holder
  5. Ink cartridge will pop up out to be taken off.
  6. Replace the ink cartridge

Other than this, double check the cartridge label name to make sure you are using authorized Canon printer. The golden series can be cleaned by a tissue paper, in case that is covered with a lot of ink. After reinstalling, the cartridge must return on the correct color cradle. If the cartridge is mishandled, the golden series contacts might get affected.

Compatibility is always a common issue. So please make sure you have a proper understanding of the cartridge.  Then with respect to the printer check to avoid unnecessary harm to your device.

There are a lot of canon printer issues faced by the users. Get a manual from this article so as to fix it easy steps. Traveling to a dealer or being late for your work due to a simple error makes no sense. Make sure you have a proper print set up and your cartridge is bought from the authorized seller. Maintain these points to help yourself not to fall back on work for common problems and also save you some bucks.