Know How To Fix Brother Printer Error 32 Easily

Printers have several kinds of errors. The Brother printer error 32 is one of the usual printer error. It flashes a message on the printer LCD screen showing ‘Print unable 32’ or ‘Machine error 32’. The error occurs due to the papers getting stuck in the drum unit. The Brother error 32 is a density malfunction error. Papers are jamming in the shutter area and just pass the transfer belt assembly.

Basically, the issue pops up due to a small sensor called ‘flapper’ on the main print board as it sticks on the paper. Foam padded material is the reason for the sticky affair.

What Can Cause Brother Printer Error 32

Brother printer error 32 is a software application problem. It is also a hardware printer driver problem and also appears when the user provides incorrect inputs. Any version of Brother printer has the possibility of coming up with this error.

Mistakes in files  and interruption of third-party printers may lead to this error

If the driver of some other unknown application is loading when the desktop is working, this problem will arise in that situation also.

Brother Printer Error 32

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of The Error 32

Switch off the power button located at the side and open the front cover. Drag out the drum unit. Then follow these steps:

  • Hold the green drum handle unit and lift it up
  • The grey lock lever is on the left side of the printer, you need to pull that out totally ( make sure you don’t touch the sides of the drum unit)
  • Now, place the drum on a flat and clean surface over a disposable tissue so that even if you spill the toner, that tissue would help.
  • After removing the drum, check inside the printer if there is any paper stuck there.
  • Remove the toner cartridges from the drum unit from the 4 open spot
  • Check for paper blockage or back rollers
  • Reinstall the toner cartridge while turning the drum unit, put them back.
  • The toner cartridge should match the label color of the drum unit
  • Using a green handle, please remove the waste toner box
  • Look at the back of the printer to check whether any papers are jamming near the roller, located at the extreme back
  • Switch on the printer to ensure if the Error 32 message is still flashing

Beware, don’t use any sharp objects to bring out the stuck papers. Also, do not touch the inner parts as they become very hot.

These are a few handy steps for fixing this particular error. It will work on any printer. Just that make sure your printer is new and up to date with the version of the drivers that are installed.

Tips to keep yourself safe from Errors

Download the latest printer drivers so your printer remains compatible. Make sure no third party program run on the background. Press ‘end task’ to help remove the third party running.

Keep your computer and printer save so that your work never gets hampered.